GoStride is a new CARDIO workout that builds ENDURANCE and STRENGTHENS and TONES your whole body.

Stride It Out

During our 50 minute striding class skilled instructors lead you through a series of runs, hills, intervals, pushes and climbs set to energizing music while guiding you to maintain optimal posture and engage your core. Our workout replicates natural movements such as hiking, walking, running and climbing while working both the upper and lower body with virtuallly no impact on your joints. The GoStride program concludes with a 7-minute arms series and a 3-minute stretch.

Hit Your Stride

Each strider has a monitor that provides precise information about your workout in real time. Our instructors are your guides, recommending resistance and RPM ranges, but it is up to you to find your own stride. Anyone can stride. You will sweat! You will burn calories! You will have fun!

All In Stride

Wear your sneakers - no special shoes are required. You can bring water, fill up your bottle at our purified water fountain or buy bottled water. Both our women's and men's locker rooms have two showers each and are loaded with amenities.